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Electron Metal in Canada includes Rackstuds™ with its data cabinets

July 29, 2020. Auckland, NZ. Electron Metal of Laval, just outside Montreal has become the latest Rackstuds rack manufacturer to start including Rackstuds with every cabinet that they sell. After discussions, Electron decided to go with our red retail 20-pack so every cabinet will have enough Rackstuds to install 5 pieces of equipment.

Rackstuds are pleased to welcome Electron Metal on-board and even happier that Electron customers get to see how fast Rackstuds are for themselves.

About Electron Metal: Electron Metal produces the highest quality metal cabinets for Server, Network, Zone 4 Seismic, Broadcast and Co-location applications. Their cabinets are used by their clients and recommended in industries such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcast, Security and OEM.

Electron cabinets offer engineered modular construction, flexibility and readiness for system expansion. Many cabinet sizes are available with width options from 22″ to 40″, depth options from 25″-54″ and height options from 40″ to 96″. An extensive range of accessories for cable management, hardware and power distribution is available.

Their cabinets have integrated capabilities for flexible ventilation and built-in airflow components. They also offer the latest technology in cooling management and containment systems.

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