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Kien Tran from Geekbeat.TV has confirmed that their sample bag of the new blue 2.7mm Rackstuds (RSL100-2.7) fits their CPI racks that were kindly provided to them by Chatsworth.

The new Blue Rackstuds were manufactured to address vertical rails thicker than 2.2mm/0.086″, the upper limit of the current red stud. The new blue RSL100-2.7 suits vertical rails between 2.2mm/0.086″ ~ 2.7mm/0.106″ found in racks such as APC NetShelter, Cooper B-line , Chatsworth and Rack Technologies IQ series open frames (AU). Rack Studs Limited still recommends using the existing red Rackstud if your vertical rail is ≤ 2.2mm/0.086″.

The blue 2.7mm Rackstuds are undergoing field trials from users who reported that the red ones did not fit and all going to plan, are expected to be available in NZ/AU during September with the US and EU to follow shortly thereafter.

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