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The Rackstuds™ Series II Journey

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Here at Rackstuds, we're always on a quest to make our products better, faster, stronger. About 2 years ago, we decided to review the plastic we were using. Although it was cutting edge and often used as a metal replacement, was there something new that might be better?

We'd heard about a new plastic that was being used in a .50 calibre rifle barrel. You heard right...a gun barrel! Of course, we were keen to try this if we could afford it! We set about testing over nine different plastics categorising these by cost, strength, end user friendliness (they could be too strong) and availability. Each plastic was moulded in our test jig so we had a production part that could be stress tested for pull, push, shear and leverage.

Long story short, we ended up right back where we started...well almost. We did prove categorically that the Grivory™ plastic we're using represents the best overall cost vs strength vs usability ratio. Furthermore, we discovered that a few tiny tweaks in our design made a huge difference in strength, particularly the leverage number. We were able to improve this >30%. The design tweaks also made the Rackstuds in both sizes/colours easier to insert.

The new nut:

While we were at it, we endeavoured to merge all of our three previous nut versions into one super nut! We've now added a dedicated Pozi P2 screwdriver slot but kept the previous M10 outside profile so that means you can either use a Pozi screwdriver or a nut driver. We also re-introduced the fingers flutes so that makes tightening and releasing the nut by hand much easier too.

So enjoy the new Series II. We've worked hard to make it an all-round better rack mounting experience. Rackstuds™ are available on Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy as well as through various distributors, resellers and rack manufacturers all around the globe.

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