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About Rackstuds™

Innovation born in New Zealand with over 1.5 million units sold.

Born in New Zealand in the year 2000, the lightbulb moment was "Why doesn’t someone reverse the nut and bolt so I have something to hang the computer on?" 

With no help at hand, Peter Stothers was tasked with installing a 15kg computer in a small under-bench rack. He would resort to stacking telephone books below the computer to align the rails with the cage nuts. This was not an isolated incident.

Rackstuds are proudly designed, manufactured and packed right here in New Zealand. See the original "Problem Rack" and learn more about the Rackstuds story

Since then over 1.5 million units have been sold to world-leading data centers like Nasa, 3M, Pixar and Amazon.

Developed in New Zealand

Developed in New Zealand

New Zealand has a reputation for innovation and Rackstuds has been recognised for innovation in a number of industry awards.

We designed the Rack Stud we needed. Fast, Easy, Strong & Safe.
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