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Rackstuds™ Inspired User Testimonials

Innovation drives an inspired user community.

Testing these, it took me less than half my normal time to install and hang equipment as opposed to using cage nuts. And, thanks to Rackstuds, my vocabulary while I’m installing rack equipment will stay G-rated! Rackstuds especially shined in a rack that only has one rack unit space left and I needed to fit something into it.

Chris Huff - Behind The Mixer.png

Behind The Mixer

Chris Huff

Your product is Awesome. I was watching a YouTube video over at Crosstalk solutions and came across your product and ordered some. I’ve used them in a couple of installs now and will be using them exclusively from now on. It is great to find another kiwi company taking on the world.

Clint Simonsen - Portable Office Solutio

Portable Office Solutions

Clint Simonsen

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Chris Huff - Behind The Mixer.png

Chris Fit

The blue ones we got worked perfectly - thanks. We originally bought the red ones, not knowing the specifics on the rack type in our new COLO.  I knew there was a possibility they would not work.  They didn't but the blue ones worked. We do enough rack work that we will keep both bags in case we run into racks that can use the red ones. We love the product - You guys are pure genius!  My knuckles thank you 😉


Mark Kiwiet

Also looks like a great product and just what the market ordered! CONGRATS!!!!


Jim Walenda

I received them and they fit perfectly!!!! I also had a Network Engineer use the Rackstuds that you sent to me and he was amazed how well they worked. Great job. I am going to show them to all the people I can here and hope they take off!

Ian Bondy - Seattle City Light.jpg

Ian Bondy

We have received our stock and everything is correct. Thank you for the sample packs. I am in-love with the DUO, it took me 10 seconds to install a router in a cabinet. Its never been so fast and easy


JJ Nortje

A colleague recommended them to me as they used them for their racks and have had years of use and abuse and still hold tight. So it's a bloody good product, and I hope that I can get them into Spark's equipment racks as a replacement for the metal versions


Fabian Charlton

Thank You for the quick send on the trial pack! I wanted to let you know I reviewed your product on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Have Product! This is a quality product, which makes rack equipment installation so simple. This Product Earns The Griswald Family Approval!

300x100-Blank Grey.png


David Casten

I LOVE Rackstuds. Been using them for years. If you install them properly, they're every bit as strong as cage nuts. I've never had one fail.

 Burnte - r homelab.png


So far I’m pretty impressed! I’m not the most graceful guy and have a history of damaging my thumbs getting cage nuts into racks. These appear to be a much better solution and they work great in the APC rack we have here in the office. Thanks for making such a handy product!

James E. Leach - ENHANCE Team.png

James E. Leach

I had a quick play with the biggest switch we install at some of our sites (48 port Allied Telesis AT8000S POE). It is fantastic. Took me less than a minute to install, and was painless.

Showed my manager, and he was very impressed. Currently getting a quote from Ideal Electrical to get some more for our next project.

Thank you for the sample pack, no more nicked, sore fingers.

Louw Roodt - Xcrania.jpg

Louw Roodt

Received our samples yesterday. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! Clever kiwis is what I tell the Aussies around me over here. Pretty sure we are going to have some success with these.

Just a quick note to say I love them and let’s see what we can do with these.

Brett Lynton - Lanec Solutions Melbourne

Brett Lynton

Could you please send me a couple of sample packs of the rack studs?  I’ve given all mine away (I only had 4 of the red ones). Personally I think these are the greatest things since sliced bread! Great product.  Everybody I show them to loves them.

Don Hess - 3M.jpg


Don Hess

We really love your product and it's the only thing we use when doing customer cabinets now so it would be great to buy from somewhere other than Amazon. I'll give Comtech a go.


James Spencer

Used these for a few years. F$#%#$% genius to the men that invented them. Not great for big servers or APC's, but I’ve used them for network gear, shelves to hold 1-2u servers, and even 1-2u servers themselves. They make racking a breeze.

 deadbunny - r homelab.png


Rackstuds are the tits. You won't support a UPS very well but everything else is a pleasure to mount.

 deadbunny - r homelab.png


The Rackstuds that we have are working great, we haven't had any issues. In fact, just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. We started using them a couple months ago and I'm not exaggerating when I say they've changed our lives (well, maybe a little, sure feels that way though).


Such a great design, you've saved countless fingers from cage nut injuries and countless heads from someone dropping a switch on themselves while they try and install it at the top of a rack. I showed them to a few Comcast techs who came to install their gear last week, they immediately called up their manager and demanded they start buying in those in place of cage nuts.

Landon Orr - Network Operations Engineer

Landon Orr

I've been using "bloody" cage nuts for over 40 years, or even worse, tapped holes. Rackstuds would have saved so much grief !! They will be my new standard, and will be spec'd into every project from here on.


Neil @ DDL

Just wondering if there are any of the new 2.7 Rackstuds available anywhere in NZ? Please don't make me use standard cage nuts.  Now I've used Rackstuds I swear by them. If there are any I can buy, beg, steal, trade, swap for beer, or name my first born after that is due in December please let me know.


Thanks 🙂

Bryan (soon to loose skin off his fingers, knuckles and swear lots while putting this rack together).

Bryan Tabb - New Zealand Technology Grou

Bryan Tabb

I just picked up the package and did some installs - these fit *perfectly*! I am looking forward to ditching cage nuts.

Mark Miller - NASA Goddard Space Flight

Mark Miller

I did one of the racks and I have to tell you that these things are amazing! I wish I had these twenty years ago when I was building racks professionally


Round Rock, TX

Paul Blount

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"I have to say that as a former installer and now inside sales, I can’t get over this product. I keep watching videos and reading articles. It’s genius." 
Bobby Lester, WESCO/CSC - Communications Supply Corporation
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