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What Are Rackstuds™

The new and improved revolutionary rackmount technology.


Rackstuds are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts which are used for to mount IT, Pro A/V,  Security and Telecommunications equipment in 19" racks. See the Rackstuds DUO video.

Rackstuds™ make it much easier to mount your gear because they go from the front and provide you with a place to support your equipment while you spin on the lock nut. This makes inserting and removing Rackstuds™ much quicker and assists with mounting even heavy equipment as it no longer needs to be balanced in one hand! Rackstuds™ are much simpler, faster, safer and very strong.

For 19" Racks
We designed the Rack Stud we needed. Fast, Easy, Strong & Safe.
Easy Strong Safe
Series II

Introducing the new Series II Rackstuds™

Available from 1 December 2019, the Series II is a culmination of two years of development and testing in an effort to make the Rackstuds™ stronger, easier to insert and more tolerant of racks with thicker rails.


Mission accomplished!

Universal Sizing For Fast Deploys - Rackstuds are available in two handy sizes.

Series II Red

Our red Rackstuds cover 80% of racks on the market. For rails up tp 2.2mm thick (New Red Version).

Maroon Round

Available In:

  • 4 Pack Sample Bag
    P/N: RSL4C-S2

  • 80 Pack Combo Bag
    ​P/N: RSL40C-S2 (40 red, 40 purple)

  • 20 Pack Red
    P/N: RSL2.2R20-S2

  • 100 Pack Red
    P/N: RSL2.2R100-S2

Series II Purple

For rails 2.7 - 3.2mm thick (New Purple Version).

Purple Round

Available In:

  • 4 Pack Sample Bag
    P/N: RSL4C-S2

  • 80 Pack Combo Bag
    ​P/N: RSL40C-S2 (40 purple, 40 red)

  • 20 Pack Purple
    P/N: RSL3.2P20-S2

  • 100 Pack Purple
    P/N: RSL3.2P100-S2

New Series II
  • Longer Studs
    Makes hanging easier when he gear has thicker "ears".
  • New Nut
    Added PZ2 screwdriver slot and flutes while maintaining M10 outside profile.
  • Redesign For Insert
    Even easier to insert.
  • Stronger
    > 30% improvement in leverage tests.
  • More Tolerance
    Now fits even thicker rails (purple version).
  • Backwards Compatible
    Works with the current nut and washer.
What's New With Series II
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