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Correct Removal Procedure

Be careful when you are relocating gear and don’t remove the bottom nuts and leave your equipment hanging at an angle on the two top studs only. There is a risk that the leverage force could snap the two top studs leaving your gear heading south at high speed! The risk increases with the weight and depth of your equipment.

Always remove the top nuts first and try to support your gear while the relocation takes place. Our instructions on the back of the RSL20 and RSL100 bags state to “thumb on the nuts (bottoms ones first)” and to release, “reverse the above procedure“, meaning remove the bottom nuts last. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough room on the small sample bags to fit the instructions so this potential issue may not be that obvious.

On the next batch of bags we print, we’ll endeavour to make this a lot clearer. Look out for a new YouTube video shortly.

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