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Purple Is The New Blue

Updated: May 6, 2021

Introducing the all-new Purple Rackstuds!

Over 2 years ago, we set ourselves a goal - make Rackstuds even stronger! Our target was at least a 5% improvement. Our shear force was already more than 200kg,

so we knew they were already strong!

Firstly we evaluated several new composite plastic materials. We spent months rigorously moulding, breaking, and testing these materials. After adding weighting for availability, cost, strength, moisture absorption, temperature capabilities, longevity and ease of use, we concluded we were already using the best plastic possible. Next were some design enhancements to the thread and spring sections. This would allow the Rackstuds to click in and out easier and withstand greater leverage forces. After testing the new design, this critical number had improved >30%. We were blown away! During the journey, a US based Rack Manufacturer contacted us and advised that blue Rackstuds would not fit their rails as the thickness was at 3.2mm. This was 0.5mm beyond the capabilities of the current blue stud. This set us on another path and with sample rails in hand, we decided to see if widening the specification to accommodate these thicker rails would come at a cost ... It seems not. Although the fit is a little loose at the 2.7mm end, the Rackstuds tighten up well and your equipment is secure. We have also not seen any rails in the grey zone, the thicknesses between 2.2mm (the max thickness for the red Rackstud) and 2.7mm - the lower limit of the new purple Rackstud (blue replacement). This gave us great confidence in pursuing a stud that has a wider appeal.

Now that we have two new studs with easier insertion and improved strength, what colour shall we make them? Whenever a design changes, even just the slightest, it's important to be able to quickly identify the parts in the field. As the parts are small, engraving does not really provide much value so a new colour is an obvious choice. In choosing new colours, we are limited by the very strong Grivory fibre we use as this

does not take too kindly to some colour powder combinations. We also have to ensure that we meet our RoHS commitment and continue to manufacture the Rackstuds without harmful chemicals. So there you have it. The blue Rackstuds turned purple. Same great design and ease of installation but now even easier to insert, tolerant of thicker rails (thanks Hergo!) and stronger. So don't fret if you can't find the blue Rackstuds online, reach for the Series II purple studs available in 20 and 100 pack sizes.

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