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The DUO is Back in Black!

August 12th, 2021. Auckland, NZ: Rackstuds released the 1RU DUO December 2020 but early in 2021, the tooling became compromised resulting in a small defect in the spring section.

We are pleased to advise that the tooling has finally been repaired and we're now back online. Availability is limited but as of this post, we have stock at Amazon USA as well as with three of our master distributors; CDL in NZ, Certech in Australia and Direktronik in Sweden. Inventory is on its way to Amazon UK and we expect that to be available before the end of August 21.

We had to change the colour on the Gen2 part so they could be identified in the field so that's why the new ones are black. We do this every time we make a product update. Another production run is underway now so stock should be good moving forward. Thanks for your patience while we sorted this one out!

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